Application Guide

Welcome to The Oberon! The Oberon takes its name from the Arvada community, reflecting our strong orientation to being community supported and providing a community service for those in need of assistance. We strive to create the most responsive, innovative, and progressive environment available. We provide programs and services that contribute significantly to our residents’ quality of life. The following is a guide to becoming a member of our community.

1. Visit us! Come experience our warm home-like atmosphere. We encourage you to tour The Oberon if you haven’t already, to get an appreciation for the feel of the environment and to talk with us if you have more questions.

2. While taking a tour, ask for our Information Packet. Filling out the forms in it enables us to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about your family member. We will know their functional capabilities, cognitive abilities, social likes and dislikes, hobbies and food preferences. We can create a care plan tailored to meet the specific requirements of your family member.

3. Submit the Application for Residency. This will put you in a position to obtain a place for your family member to receive the best of care, in socially strong environment, at the earliest possible opening. We can then schedule an assessment of your family member at a time that is convenient for you.

4. When it is time for your family member to move in to our community, we will complete the admission packet with you. This must include a copy of the resident’s most recent history and physical from their physicians, and copies of legal paperwork such as  Power of Attorney and Guardianship papers. Take the time necessary to provide us all of the information that is requested as this enables us to do our job as best we can.

5. When moving your family member into their apartment, you will want to bring their own furnishings to make them feel as comfortable int heir surroundings as possible.  All clothing should be marked with a permanent fabric marker. This helps minimize clothing loss when laundry is done.

6. Stay in touch. You are always welcome to visit the Oberon. If you are inclined, please consider volunteering. Volunteers help with activities and work with individual residents by reading, writing letters or reminiscing. Attend all of our special events on holidays, birthdays, or musical entertainment.  We enjoy talking with you and getting your insight and feedback. We also love learning more about your family member who is now an Oberon resident.